Class Schedule

Our dance year runs from Labor Day to Mother's Day. Classes start the week after Labor Day and the dance year concludes in May with our Recital, on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. 

We understand that families are busy and that activity schedules can be overwhelming. We are happy to welcome dancers after fall sports and we do not have attendance requirements, but keep in mind that more time your dancer spends in class, the more they will improve and the better they will do come recital time.

To register for classes download and complete the registration form and mail it to the studio.

2018-2019 Class Schedule

*This is a proposed schedule to give you an idea of class times and allow families to plan for next year. Subject to change*

4:15-4:45  Boys (Tumbling)
4:45-5:30  Baby II (Ballet/Tumbling)
4:45-6:00 Ballet III (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling)
5:45-6:30  Baby Ballet (must be potty-trained)
6:00-7:15  Ballet III (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling)

1:00-1:45 Baby Ballet (must be potty-trained)
5:00-6:15  Intermediate I (Ballet/Jazz/Tap)
5:00-5:45  Contemporary Ballet
5:45-6:45  Advanced Ballet (Pointe/Ballet)
6:15-6:45  Tumbling
6:45-7:30  Advanced Jazz
7:30-8:00  Advanced Tap
7:30-8:00  Ladies Ballet
8:00-8:30  Ladies Tap

4:30-5:45  Intermediate II  (Ballet/Jazz/Tap)
5:45-6:45  Ballet IV (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling)
6:45-7:30  Hip Hop (ages 8 and up)

5:00-6:15  Pre-Pointe (Ballet/Jazz/Tap)
5:15-6:30  Intermediate III (Ballet/Jazz/Tap)
6:30-8:15  Pointe (Pointe/Ballet/Jazz/Tap)

*Final placement in all classes is at the discretion of the Dance Dimensions Staff.*