We offer classes in Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip- Hop, Tap, and Tumbling.

Ballet - We teach classical ballet as the basis for all forms of dance. In ballet class dancers can expect to learn classical ballet technique and steps.

Pointe - Pointe is an advanced form of ballet, that is only available to dancers aged 12 and over, who have had sufficient ballet training. Placement in pointe class is entirely at the discretion of the teachers. 

Lyrical - Lyrical is a style that is rooted in ballet with a focus on expressing emotion through movement. Beginning in 2019 we will be offering lyrical for our intermediate and advanced dancers. Look for this new class on the schedule!

Jazz - Jazz is offered to dancers aged 7 and older. Jazz is a faster, relaxed style of dance that complements a dancer's ballet training.

Contemporary - Contemporary combines elements of jazz and modern into a new and distinct style of dance. Contemporary classes are offered to our intermediate and advanced dancers once they have had a couple years of jazz.

Hip-Hop - Hip-Hop is a fusion of jazz and street dance that combined to form a unique style. We offer hip hop as a bonus class for our intermediate and advanced dancers.

Tap - We start tap classes in a beginning dancer's third year (approx. 5-6 yrs old). Tap is a style of dance that focuses on percussion and relies on rhythm and precision. 

Tumbling - We teach basic tumbling to dancers up until they begin pointe. Tumbling is an excellent way to improve coordination and gain strength.

Adult Classes - We offer Ballet and Tap classes for adults of all ages. Click the button to learn more!

Boys Classes - Boys are welcome in any of our classes, but we also have classes specifically for them!



*Classes in Yoga and Zumba are not on the current schedule but with enough interest we have teachers trained and ready to offer classes. Call for more information about potential classes or to put your name on a waiting list!


Dress Code



While we aren't picky about color or style we do ask that all of our dancers wear leotards. Leotards give our dancers the most freedom of movement without worrying about their clothes while also allowing us as teachers to see the subtle body movements and shapes that are so important in dance.

Wearing a leotard to dance class is also a sign of respect for yourself as a dancer, for your teachers, and for an art form that has been around for many years and for which leotards have always been the traditional attire. 

Dancers are welcome to wear dance shorts, leggings, or skirts with their leotards.

Leotards, shorts and skirts can be purchased anywhere, however for your convenience we have good options in stock at the studio. 



We ask that all our dancers wear tights or leggings to class beginning in November. Before November we are a little more flexible because our studio is not air conditioned and we understand that it can get warm. 

Tights can be any color, however if a dancer is taking tumbling they need convertible or footless tights. This is extremely important for tumbling because footed tights are very slippery on our mat and we ask all tumbling students to have bare feet. 

Dancers who take pointe must have convertible tights in order for pointe shoes and toe pads to fit correctly.

While tights can be bought anywhere, we keep tights in stock at the studio that comply with all of our recommendations.  


Dance Shoes

Ballet- Our ballet dancers wear pink, leather ballet shoes.

Jazz - Our jazz dancers wear black leather jazz shoes.

Tap - Our tap dancers wear black tap shoes in varying styles depending on their age. 

While not mandatory, we highly encourage you to get dance shoes from us at the studio so that we can ensure that they are fitted correctly.